Patient Privacy Policy

Dr.s Thatcher & Boudreau recognizes the importance of patient privacy.  As such, it is the policy of this practice to treat all medical information as confidential and absent extraordinary or emergency circumstances; this practice will not disclose a patient’s medical information without appropriate patient consent.


Before consenting to the release of medical information, each patient  has the right to review the written Notice of Privacy Practices, which gives a more complete description of Dr.’s Thatcher & Boudreau’s policies on the use and disclosure of patient’s medical information.  Each patient may obtain a copy of such Notice upon request.  This practice reserves the right to change its Notice of Privacy Policy and all patients have the right to receive an amended copy of the Notice upon request.


Also, each patient has the right to request in writing that we restrict how protected and private medical information is used or disclosed to carry out treatment, payment, or other health care operations.  Please note that we are not required to agree to such requested restrictions, but if it does, the restriction will be binding upon this practice.  Additionally, this practice may refuse to treat any patient who refuses to consent to the use and disclosure of medical information for treatment, payment or other health care operatin purposes.